MIL develops its own inventions and works with others to advance their ideas, products, and companies. Here are a few of the ways that we are of service to those in our community:

Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

• Identify significant clinical problems to be solved
• Test, develop and integrate meaningful healthcare solutions into practice
• Help administration understand economic opportunities and consequences of innovation

Researchers and Universities

• Explore potential commercialization pathways for their healthcare research
• Provide faculty, students and administration with real-world exposure to healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship

Healthcare Companies

• De-risk ideas and gain critical mass
• Accelerate speed to market


• Vet their ideas (clinical, IP, competitive and purchasing analyses)
• Develop products through proof-of-concept
• Commercialize breakthrough products

MIL invests in all stages of developing technologies with a focus on those that will have the greatest impact.   MIL is able to nurture these companies until they become viable entities that can be licensed or sold, using MIL’s strong partner network and deep commercialization experience.