MIL focuses on breaking down long-standing barriers between healthcare providers and potential medical breakthroughs. We spark interactions and create the ideal environment for healthcare ideation.


MIL facilitates stakeholder collaboration to foster the development of solutions to pressing healthcare problems. We promote new models for scientific, medical, and business collaboration.


MIL specializes in translating inventions and discoveries into products that improve healthcare. Our comprehensive processes of ideation, proof-of-concept, product development, and customer acquisition effectively de-risk investment.

Removing barriers to bring breakthrough medical technologies to market.



Medical Devices

From urinary catheters to minimally invasive surgical instruments, MIL continuously develops cutting edge technologies that dramatically improve patient care.


Collaborating with children’s hospitals around the world to develop and commercialize technologies designed specifically to treat children and babies.

Sports Medicine

Developing breakthrough sports products that improve safety and enhance injury recovery.

UT Rapid Development Center

MIL helped establish the University of Texas at Austin’s Rapid Development Center, a medical device industry research consortium dedicated to coordinating research, development and technology transfer of novel medical devices.

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